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Isabelle Roberts

Swiss by birth and upbringing, I have lived in England most of my adult life. I studied Fine Art at the Bristol School of Art and now live and work in Cornwall whose dramatic landscape and skies are a constant inspiration.


Painting is a very meditative process for me. I work intuitively, using texture, random marks or especially music to prompt a spontaneous response and evoke memories. 

I aim to create abstracted images, capturing something beyond the drama of the Cornish landscape and its constantly changing light, drawing attention to those often subtle moments where otherness can be encountered. The place where transience and permanence touch.


The body in movement is also a theme in my work. The human body; our physical presence in the world, holding within it the vast, yet hidden complexity of thought, imagination, and spiritual connections, which I seek to reflect in my work.


I think that art can help us be at peace with ourselves and others, perhaps, in some small measure, giving us signposts and images to help us make better sense of life.

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